About us
Our team of traders carries out hundreds of transactions with bitcoin on the world's largest exchanges around the clock. On average, they bring income up to 6% per day, which in turn gives us the opportunity to redirect up to 85% of the income to our investors
Why us?
Bitcoin increased in price by 152% in 2016. According to most experts, the cost of bitcoin can reach $ 3000 in 2017. By investing in Bitcoin's crypto currency through us, you can earn 180% in just 60 days. Our traders do all the hard work and you receive daily profit.
Why is it profitable
to invest in Bitcoin
Invest in bitcoin
Bitcoin increased in price by 152% for 2016. According to most experts, the cost of bitcoin can reach $ 3000 in 2017
Legal company
The site Bitsave.io operates on behalf of the Bitsave LTD, officially registered in the UK
Data Security
Your money and personal data are protected by a powerful Ddos-guard system and EV SSL GeoTrust security protocol
Profitable investment
You can double your capital in less than 60 days by investing in Bitcoin's crypto currency through us
Risk-free investment
we provide investors with a unique array of a features running on a solid technological base we have developed
Round-the-clock support
Our online support is ready to answer any of your questions and help you to solve any task 24/7
daily for 60 days
Min btc0.01
Max btc0.50
Min withdrawal btc0.001
:Total for 60days 180%
Deposit included in the payment
instant payments
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Deposit amount($)
Net Profit

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Total profit in $

$ 47.00
$ 15.00
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3. Wait for your earnings

Your earnings are to your balance hour. You earn 10% daily - lifetime!

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Affiliate Program
standard Program
When you refer other people to our project, you earn 5% from their active deposits. Having an active deposit is not a prerequisite for earning as an .affiliate
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